Procera Networks inspires passionate people who love what they do. When you join Procera you’ve made an intelligent choice to join an established global company with the nimbleness of a start-up, constantly creating new and better ways to exceed our customers' expectations. It all starts with you.
Procera offers a fun place to work and an environment where you can make a difference. We look for people who believe in working hard, thinking smart and having fun in the process. Want to join the team?

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  • "I have the opportunity to be involved and influence solutions that in the end will be a part of the everyday business for many people around the world."
    Erik in Malmö, Sweden, Professional Services Engineer
  • "At Procera we do not develop in committee for years before actually putting the idea to test."
    Martin, platform developer in Varberg, Sweden.
  • "Procera offers lots of chances and opportunities to explore and share knowledge. This is the best place for those who are keen to learn new things on regular basis."
    Sanjida in Kelowna, Canada, QA Engineer.
  • "You'd think that working with a bunch of self-proclaimed geeks wouldn't be this much fun."
    Brett in Kelowna, Senior Web Developer.


Fast Cycles

What you create will be used directly by the customer. You don't have to wait long for results, and production cycles are short.

You are a part of the success story

Our employees are the key to the company’s success. We take care of the work environment details so you can focus on a balanced work life.

Forget a "typical day"

Because a typical day is boring. We want you to live up to your full potential and we think you do it best when you’re in charge of how to effectively manage your time. We trust you and believe in giving you the freedom, along with the responsibility.

Your values are our values

We offer a casual and quirky workplace where people have fun and creatively solve problems without limits.

We want you to feel good

That’s why we invest time and money in your physical and mental health. We strive to offer excellent benefits and a work environment that allows you to be your most productive self.

The career opportunities.

Our global business can provide employees with an opportunity to explore professional roles in different countries around the world.

We spare you hierarchy and bureaucracy

We maintain a flat organization and encourage proactivity; if you see something that needs to be done, then do it!

Your colleagues are computer technology elite

We have awesome people. The car-industry’s Ferrari, the sport’s world Usain Bolt, the game world’s Dreamhack. We let you develop and learn from some of the sharpest people in the IT world.

We want to impress you.

We produce the coolest and most advanced products in the market. You will work with the most cutting edge technologies to improve and develop your skills. Our Silicon Valley headquarters means we compete with the best in tech.

We value your inner geek1

We let you work on what you really love. At Procera you share the excitement with people like yourself. We spare you Dilbert managers and allow you to work with kick-ass colleagues.

1 An employee at Procera who is truly passionate about her or his job.

Student opportunities

Procera <3 students

A position at Procera will let you develop and learn as part of our awesome team. If you want to write your college thesis or do your internship with us, please contact us at with your ideas or for an exploratory meeting.