Thomas Vasen Transcript: We're here at AfricaCom 2015, and it's buzzing like no year before. Everybody's searching for innovative solutions in telecoms to boost the African continent. The operators are all seeking for monetization strategies, and ways to improve quality to deliver to their subscribers. The continent is growing. There's only 26% mobile broadband penetration today. There will be a huge growth moving forward, and everybody wants to be there. Everybody's interested in monetization strategies, and I had a presentation about six examples of monetization strategies, what you can use DPI for, including sponsored data, micro packages, including other types of location-aware-triggered services. If you would like to see my presentation, you can find it on SlideShare. The customers are asking for examples from the field that are proven to work, to monetize the networks. People want to have more flexibility in terms of deployment of advanced services. Everybody is looking towards new generation virtualized networks, and wants to see proof points about deployments as VNFs in NFV environment. Our meetings here confirm that Africa is in the forefront of NFV adoption. We see that everywhere else in the world, they're talking about it, and trying something for fun, but in Africa they're building real business cases, and we see real implementation with virtualized environments already now. A highlight was definitely operators coming to me after my presentation, appreciating all the concrete examples on how they can utilize DPI to monetize their data network. They can look at sponsor data opportunities, they can look at micro bundles, they can look at location-triggered up sell initiatives, to actually use their knowledge of their customers towards their advantage. That was definitely the highlight.

Last week Procera attended AfricaCom and it was buzzing like no year before! Operators are looking for a new generation virtualized networks, and our meetings here confirmed that Africa is in the forefront of NFV adoption. See the video above to learn more.

To understand how IP intelligence solutions can be used to create service offerings that enhance operator revenue, check out the slides from my presentation "Six Strategies to Monetize Data" held at AfricaCom in New Revenue Streams track.