We recently attended the annual Carrier Network Virtualization show eager to discuss our newly announced Virtual Experience Probe, eVolution, with our customers and partners. We truly consider eVolution an industry game-changer, allowing operators to deploy virtual probes (with weekly updates to the signatures database!) throughout their networks to collect structured, real-time data. Gone are the days of stale, out-of-date, meaningless data! It is virtual products like this that are helping our customers to define the business case for virtualization within their organizations. eVolution helps operators to begin realizing those benefits promised by virtualization, a list that you have probably seen over and over throughout the last year. So, let us give them some color :

  • Reduced hardware dependencies – eVolution is an all-virtual data enablement solution

  • Optimized capital expenditures – eVolution can be deployed in your network at a fraction of the cost of traditional, hardware-bound network probes

  • The ability to deploy new services and new revenue streams at an accelerated rate – operators can use eVolution’s real-time data and contextual intelligence to create meaningful services for their subscribers

Perhaps one of my favorite quotes from the conference, coincidentally coming out verhütungsstäbchen - eine alternative zur pille | ohnerezeptfreikauf of the panel session called Defining the Business Case for Virtualization in which our VP of Marketing Cam Cullen also took part, was that “we as an industry are at a point of inflection. We must take action and innovate or we risk losing relevance.” Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an industry movement that is only gaining momentum. 2015 was the year of talking the talk, and now it is time to start walking the walk. Certifying interoperability with other ecosystem vendors, developing hardened and reliable virtualized products or VNFs, and providing operators with smooth transition plans from hardware dependency to agile virtual networks will be key in staying relevant in the marketplace as a network equipment or networking software vendor. For operators, adopting these innovative new technologies that we are starting to see in the industry will be key in staying relevant with their increasingly savvy (and oftentimes demanding) subscribers.

If you are interested in learning more about eVolution, please download this white paper:


Have a happy holiday season!