To Deliver Superior Accuracy at High Speeds

Tested EANTC 2009

Procera Networks was one of three vendors (15 were invited) to submit the carrier-grade PL10014 system to the European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC) for testing.  
The test verified that Procera’s DPI solutions, and the PL100014 specifically, deliver on the accuracy at high speeds that Tier-1 customers have been experiencing in their deployments.  

Specific Test Results Show: 

> The performance of DPI devices increased massively in the last year, retaining very good detection rates.

> Procera Networks’ PacketLogic PL10014 demonstrated very good detection accuracy and blocking efficiency, and at 80Gbps has one of the highest capacity ratings of all DPI platforms.

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You can view the complete test results and methodology at: